Design and Development of a Low-Cost Multi-Channel Re-Programmable Electro-Pneumatic Actuator Kit



Pneumatic Actuator, Electro-Pneumatic, Pneumatic Kit, Research and Development, Robotics


The objective of the research was to develop a low-cost, multi-channel electro-pneumatic actuator kit that would be conveniently accessible for students' learning experiences, trainings, and research at the individual and academic level. The essential feature of this kit was the inclusion of multi-channel outputs, which implies that the student may not only examine the behavior of basic pneumatic actuators but also train their minds to operate complicated actuation systems. With this electro-pneumatic actuation kit, a student can build and utilize it in a variety of research areas, as well as regulate a system synchronously or asynchronously with greater efficiency. The device is portable, inexpensive, and simple to use. It has a power source of 12 VDC for the electrical circuit and can provide a maximum pressure of 90 kPa as well as vacuum of -40 kPa. Relays were being integrated to satisfy the smooth automation of the kit. It features the MPX700 differential pressure sensor, which allows the user to measure and manage the needed pressure. All of the components were controlled by the Arduino Board, which is affordable and can be programmed to do the required function. With this research, academic institutions will be able to create their own kits for their students, allowing them to discover numerous new inventive concepts.


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article IJEAP : Design and Development of a Low-Cost Multi-Channel Re-Programmable Electro-Pneumatic Actuator Kit




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