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Although the research topic is nothing special, based on the simple beam model related to the finite element method and MATLAB code, we can calculate the approximation of the buckling load of the beam under the influence of porosity. An example of buckling load estimates for this structure is given, which shows that our method is applicable to a certain extent.</p> Lan Hoang That Ton Copyright (c) 2023 Lan Hoang That Ton 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 595 599 Emerging Innovative technologies and Materials in Hydropower Sector <p>Various technological developments are now occurring in the hydropower sector. New technologies and practices are being developed to improve the hydropower system's adaptability and sustainability. To boost performance, durability, and flexibility, new novel materials that have been discovered through various research projects have also recently been introduced. In addition to improving efficiency, resistance, dependability, and durability, these cutting-edge materials have the potential to have a substantial impact on the hydropower sector's ability to manufacture, install, and transport equipment. Several novel materials are being introduced and numerous studies are continuing in the hydropower industry. Novel materials can be used for both new power plants and restoration projects. This study describes the most relevant novel materials used in various hydropower structure parts and components.</p> Henok Seman Gözen E?KIRAN Copyright (c) 2023 Henok Seman, Gözen E?KIRAN 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 600 611 A Prediction of Rainfall of Haifa Using MLR and ARIMA Models <p> This study was conducted to predict the rain fall of Haifa the third largest city of Israel with a population around 285,300 people, which is a part of a sizable metropolis with 962,500 inhabitants and is situated on a bay in the northeastern Mediterranean Basin. The city is a representative of a number of Mediterranean sub-climatic areas due to its distinctive sea-land meteorology and complex hilly topography.<br />In order to get the best fit based on the best distribution value, this work aims to develop combining strategies for rainfall prediction in Haifa based on ARIMA and MLR models. This will aid farmers in making agricultural decisions, hydrological department water storage decisions, and analysis of groundwater level decisions. It was conducted using of Modeling of monthly precipitation using MLA and ARMA including the best distribution graphic produced by the model and to find the best fit of various distributions displayed by the models which displaces the smallest value of AD. The data obtained and used in this study are monthly rainfall satellite data from Terraclimate using Haifa, the third largest city of Israel from 1958-2020 (62yrs) time interval.<br />Result shows that long-term continuous data forecasting, the ARIMA model outperforms the MLR models. By its efficiency and precision, ARIMA may be a more appealing option to MLR. As the numerous numbers show, there isn't much of a distinction comparing ARIMA and MLR models. The Logistic distribution plot is the best fit or recommended distribution. From the summary displaced, it can be seen from the numerous distribution plots used to decide which the best match for histogram exhibition is. The best-fit distribution plot has the lowest AD value.<br />Using precipitation as one of the factors to determine which distribution plot is the best as displaced in the summary table of the AD values of the various plots, it was evaluated that the best fit is the distribution function of the Probability Plot of ppt (mm) of Logistic parameter with the smallest AD value of 59.435 which has the lowest AD value in the Different parameter distribution plots</p> Huseyin Gokcekus Youssef Kassem Larry T Woyea Copyright (c) 2023 Larry T Woyea, Huseyin Gokcekus, Youssef Kassem 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 612 624 Automatic control system for managing travel certificates and monitoring the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in Morocco <p>The automatic control system for managing mobility certificates during the Covid-19 pandemic in Morocco "ACS-MMC", is a platform, developed so citizens can apply online for mobility and travel certificates during the curfew of health emergency, caused by Covid-19 in Morocco. The platform goal was minimising citizens’ contact with agents of the law forces and the public administration by designing the application process on line and generating digital certifacates for mobility. Besides, "ACS-MMC" system proposed mobility control to be performed at the authorities’ checkpoints since the certificate’ QR code can be easily shared between smartphones. Moreover, the system summarized the spread of the infection through its dynamic dashboard that indicated infected cases and movements traceability at the national level, in order to take all necessary precautions to limit as much as possible a large contamination of the population. This project was funded by NCSTR (National Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Morocco) and Abdelmalek Essaadi University (Morocco).</p> Mohammed Lamnaour Manal Mounir Mohammed Achkari Begdouri Chaimae Azroumahli Yacine El Younoussi Yasser EL KHAMLICHI Abderrahim Tahiri Mohamed Yasssin Chkouri Copyright (c) 2023 Yasser EL KHAMLICHI, Mohammed Lamnaour, Manal Mounir, Mohammed Achkari Begdouri, Yacine El Younoussi, Abderrahim Tahiri, Mohamed Yasssin Chkouri, Chaimae Azroumahli 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 625 633 Kinematic Analysis of Omnidirectional Mecanum wheeled Robot <p>This study used the V-rep simulation environment to develop an omnidirectional, four-wheeled Robot model and perform kinematic analysis using youBot. Given their extensive use, it is essential to understand how Mecanum wheels' speeds convert into robot velocities before moving on to a dynamic model that governs how wheel torques translate into robot accelerations. This paper investigates the rate at which the wheels must be driven given the desired chassis velocity, also limit on the chassis velocity, given a limit on the individual wheel operating speed.</p> Adebayo Haastrup Onyero Walter Ofuzim Julius Oladejo Aanuoluwa Copyright (c) 2023 Adebayo Haastrup; Walter, Aanuoluwa 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 634 644 Light and its usefulness in astronomy <p>Light has numerous uses in several areas of research and this work aims to show the importance of its usefulness particularly in the field of astronomy. Initially, humanity had a way of measuring celestial objects and with technological advancement and in-depth studies of light itself, its ability to transmit data is observed, which are key factors for analyzing and controlling the dynamics of the universe and its constituent elements. The work emphasizes the structure of light in terms of its spectrum, as well as favoring astronomy in data collection through the use of tools, such as optical fibers and spectroscopy.</p> JIZREEL SILVA Copyright (c) 2023 JIZREEL SILVA 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 645 652 The Global and local attention for automatic Arabic text diacritization <p>Automatic Arabic diacritization is the task to restore diacritic or vowel marks for a non-vocalized Arabic text. This task showed its importance in the natural language processing NLP field and it helps people with specific learning difficulties to access Arabic web content. To tackle the problem, we suggest a letter-based encoder-decoder that uses previous deep learning attention models known as Luong attention. The training of the models knew unstable loss. And, as was expected — from the proposed models — the model that uses local predictive attention achieved the best word and letter error rates. The best-achieved diacritic error rate in the test data is about 26.80%. Nevertheless, the models need improvements in future work.</p> Ali Mijlad Yacine EL YOUNOUSSI Copyright (c) 2023 Ali Mijlad, Yacine EL YOUNOUSSI 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 653 662 Summaries of Causes, Effects and Prevention of Solar Electric Fire Incidents <p>Currently the number of fire incidents involving photovoltaic (PV) systems are increasing as a result of the strong increase of PV installations. These incidents are terrible and immeasurable on life and properties. It is thus very important to understand the causes, effects and how prevent the occurrence of incidents. This study aimed to summarize the causes, effects, and preventions of solar electric fire incidents. Literature review was adopted to summarize the study. The summarized and discussed result from literature found that arcing, hot spot, weather conditions, improper installations and maintenance, and systems mechanical and electrical failures are the main causes solar PV fire incidents. The effects of incidents are terrible on life and properties. The result also discussed the precautionary measures in detail on how to prevent PV systems and firefighters before and during fire incidents. Therefore, it is expected that the study is comprehensive for manufacturers, installers, professionals to build and improve understanding of causes, effects and prevention of solar electric fire incidents in residential, industrial and commercial applications.</p> Abubakar Saidu Umar Yunus Khalid Hamid Copyright (c) 2023 Abubakar Umar 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 663 672 Exploring the physics principles in cooking <p>A kitchen can be considered as a physics lab in which several concepts of heat and thermodynamics and mechanics can be visualized. The process of cooking can involve several phase transformations. Different terminologies used in cooking like steaming, frying, broiling, grilling can be related to rate of heat transfer. The taste of food can be considered as an output of time temperature transformation being cooked. The product of time, temperature and nature of medium used for cooking can decide the quality of food. Understanding the concept of thermal conductivity, specific heat and thermal diffusivity can lead to optimized time of cooking. Cooking can be used to demonstrate the law of conservation of angular momentum by spinning a raw egg and a boiled egg.</p> Subramaniyan Alagappan Copyright (c) 2023 Subramaniyan Alagappan 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 673 677 Review on waste water reuse for irrigation towards achieving environmental sustainability <p>Even though water makes up around 70% of the earth's crust, just a small portion of it is suitable for terrestrial life. Water is essential for life. The small percentage of freshwater with low salt concentration in the Antarctic and Arctic (68.7%) is only 2.5% of the total water stock in the hydrosphere and is largely in the form of ice and permanent snow cover. This writing serves as a review. Journals, publications, and earlier project works pertinent to the subject at hand were thoroughly examined and strategically sampled. To gather the data needed for the paper's creation, many works were examined and summarized. Agriculture is a large consumer of wastewater globally. It is believed that finding suitable irrigation resources is crucial for protecting natural water bodies and ensuring food safety. Wastewater reuse has emerged as a practical option for pollution reduction when water reuse replaces effluent discharge to vulnerable surface water bodies, preserving and extending available water supplies. This is due to the difficulties associated with the discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment. As treating and utilizing wastewater for irrigation would make it easier to achieve sustainability, using wastewater for irrigation is an efficient strategy to lower costs and improve environmental health and safety in today's economy.</p> Hüseyin GÖKÇEKU Youssef Kassem Henok Seman Abubakar Ali G. Copyright (c) 2023 Henok Seman 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 1 678 688