The Elasticity and viscosity of polyvinyl alcohol / sodium bicarbonate (PVA/ NaHCO3) and polyvinyl alcohol /sodium chloride (PVA/ NaCl) samples



Polyvinyl alcohol , sodium bicarbonate , sodium chloride, Stress viscosity


Polyvinylalcohol solutions of different concentrations (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5%) of Sodium bicarbonate and Sodium chloride were prepared, then poured onto a glass plate and allowed to dry at room temperature. Thin films were formed. Viscosity, stress and strain were measured for samples The results indicate that the elasticity of the samples in the case of  NaHCO3 decreased, where the sample with zero concentration was cut with stress (166X 105 N), while the sample with a concentration 5% for NaHCO3 was cut with stress equal to (107X104 N), but, in the case of NaCl it increased, where the sample with zero concentration was cut with stress (166X 105 N) while the sample with a concentration 5% for NaCl was cut with stress equal to (808X106 N. Young's modulus decreases with respect to the samples in the case of NaHCO3, while it increases in the case of NaCl, The relative viscosity increased. Viscosity of the samples that contained NaHCO3 was higher than that of the samples that contained NaCl, while the intrinsic viscosity of all the samples decreases. These results can be used to benefit from them in many fields.


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