Measurement the effects of temperature and fiber orientation on vibration of functionally graded beam



Temperature First-order shear deformation theory, Differential quadrature method, Fiber orientation functionally graded beam Natural frequencies


This paper concerned with analytical approach to study the thermal vibration of fiber orientation functionally graded (FOFG) beam, that fibers`oriented angles are variable and graded in the thickness direction of the beam. Uniform thermal distribution considered in the entire beam and properties of fiber orientation functionally graded (FOFG) beam considered as the temperature-dependent element. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and classical distribution types for the mode of fiber angle presented in the thickness direction of the beam continuously. Equilibrium Equations derived from first- order shear deformation theory and Hamilton principle. Simply supported boundary condition is considered for both edges of the beam.Eneralized differential quadrature method usedto solve the system of coupled differential Equations. To study accuracy of the present analysis, a compression carried out with a known data. The results shows that different parameters such as thickness to radius ratio, effect of temperature variations, model of fibers angle variations and power-law index affected on the natural frequencies.


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