Approximated transverse deflection of sandwich beam with 2D-FG and ceramic face sheets and 1D-FG core


  • Lan Hoang That Ton University of Architecture HCMC


Sandwich beam, 2D-FG face sheet, Ceramic face sheet, 1D-FG core, Transverse deflection


The approximated numerical deflection of a sandwich beam with two directional functionally graded (2D-FG) and ceramic face sheets and one directional functionally graded (1D-FG) core, namely SW2D1DC, is presented under uniform load and various boundary conditions. The finite element code written in Matlab is applied in this article to investigate the influences of material properties on transverse deflections. The results of this article are given and compared with other results in the references to verify the feasibility of the application. This study also provides some more information about the characteristics of SW2D1DC beams.


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