Preparation and Study of the Physical Properties of CdSe Films Deposited by a Chemical Bath Method and Exposed to Neutron Irradiation

Effect of neutron irradiation on a CdSe film prepared


  • Laith Najam Mosul University, College of Science
  • Laith M. Al Taan College of Science, University of Mosul
  • Duha Hashim Al Refaei College of Electronic Engineering - University of Ninevah


CdSe thin film, CBD method, energy gap, neutron source, neutron flux, particle size, spectrophotometer


This study deals with the preparation of CdSe films using two sources of cadmium, (CdCl2) and (CdSO4), and studying the effect of neutron irradiation on their optical and structural properties. Using CBD method, the films were prepared on glass substrates at a temperature of 50 •C, with a deposition time of 3 hours. These films were exposed to the neutron beam from the radioactive source (Am241-Be10) with a neutron flux (3*105 n/cm2.s) and an energy of 5 MeV for 7 days. It was noted that neutron irradiation has a significant effect on the physical properties of the films. Using a UV-V spectrophotometer, the optical properties of the films were studied. It was found that the absorption coefficient (?) and the energy gap increase with irradiation, and from the following XRD, FESEM and EDX measurements, the shape and structure of the prepared and irradiated films were determined. X-ray measurements have shown that there are preferred directions for grain growth [111], [220], and [311]. It was also observed that the grain size increases, while the relative density decreases with irradiation. As for FESEM measurement, it was noted that the surface shape of the films is greatly affected when exposed to neutron radiation.


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Author Biographies

Laith M. Al Taan , College of Science, University of Mosul


Duha Hashim Al Refaei , College of Electronic Engineering - University of Ninevah

Department of Biomedical engineering


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