Application of Constrained Nonlinear Minimization to Estimate Parameters of Transmission Line in Power System


  • Prechanon Kumkratug Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering , Kasetsart University at Sriracha Campus, Thailand, 20230


constrained nonlinear minimization, power system, transmission line, MATLAB


One of the essential components of power systems is the transmission line. It is used in the power system to transfer electricity energy from generation units to load units. Modern transmission line is a complex interconnected network. The mathematical model of transmission line is in nonlinear equations. This paper applied the constrained nonlinear minimization to estimate parameters of transmission line in power system. The great advantage in this proposed method is that the data of the Phase Measurement Unit (PMU) is not required. The ready data at power substations voltage magnitude(V), active (P) and reactive power (Q) is incorporated into mathematical model to estimate the parameters. The various methods of nonlinear iterative available in MATLAB toolbox such as fsolve, fmin, and fmincon are also compared in this paper.


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Application of Constrained Nonlinear Minimization to Estimate Parameters of Transmission Line



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