Comparative analysis of attack detection methods in Delay Tolerant Network



Delay Tolerant Network, Blackhole attack, Greyhole attack, security, Flooding attack


Delay Tolerant Network is a new kind of wireless network which includes Radio Frequency (RF) and acoustic (sonar) technologies. DTN developed for an interplanetary network where the speed of light is slow. DTN is derived from deep space communication. DTN is distinguished as long delay and intermittent connectivity. The Delay Tolerant Network is more vulnerable to different kinds of attacks like flooding attack, blackhole and greyhole attacks, due to limited connectivity. There is no end-to-end connectivity between source & destination in DTN. So that it uses a store, carry and forward mechanism to transfer the data from one node to another node. The Delay Tolerant Network was developed to solve technical problems in the end-to-end network. DTN is becoming more and more important because communication networks are ubiquitous today. It provides automotive communication solutions. DTN is a decentralized and self-managed system with unique network attributes; however, attributes such as high mobility nodes, network uplinks and downlinks, and separate routing can cause network vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include the host being compromised, which in turn will bring security risks, because the compromised host may destroy the routing protocol in the network. This article analyses the various types of attack detection methods.


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